GLOBAL GRUP LTD. ŞTI  was established in 1980 by the Managing Director, Paul Searle from his garden shed at home where he ran a motorcycle repair business. In 1983 the company had to move to bigger premises, so opened a new shop in Muammer Güler Bulvarı. Business went from strength to strength and in 1996 GLOBAL GRUP LTD. ŞTI. Motorcycles opened a large showroom in Gaziantep, Turkey. Soon after the opening of the motorcycle dealership in Gaziantep, Turkey, Paul then decided to start his own Motorcycle Training School – GLOBAL GRUP LTD. ŞTI Motorcycle Training. You can find Steve Manning, Operations Manager for GLOBAL GRUP LTD. ŞTI at his desk in our showroom. With a special on site training facility in Turkey, GLOBAL GRUP LTD. ŞTI Motorcycle Training offers everything from CBT to Advanced Rider Training.